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Customer opinions

lokalizacja gps
Artur Derda

......’In our opinion, Gannet Guard Systems shows full professionalism and high efficiency in the recovery of stolen vehicles. Therefore, we can positively recommend the company to those who are looking for a reliable partner’

CAT Financial
Jarosław Myszkowski

...... ‘In the 5 years of cooperation, Gannet Guard Systems has done a great work on the  preparation of the process of  monitoring and protection of the equipment  belonging to CAT Financial, simultaneously demonstrating effectiveness in recovering stolen machines.’

Piotr Bryński

...... ‘ The Department of  Motor Vehicle Insurances Compensa S.A. Vienna Insurance Group concludes that the radio based vehicle location system - Guard System - meets the requirements for professional after-theft location systems ‘

Stanisław Dariusz Parowski

......’Guard Systems Polska S.A. is highly effective in the recovery of stolen machines. For this reason, we can positively recommend the company to those who are looking for a reliable partner.’

Zbigniew Selwa

......’ Gannet Guard Systems S.A. has a professional approach to support my company and that is why I can recommend it to anyone."

Justyna Rokita

...... ‘We are fully satisfied with the operation of the GPS system installed by Gannet Guard Systems S.A., I would recommend this service to anyone who is engaged in the activity related to transport or forwarding.’

Monitoring GPS
Zenon Stafanowski
Mayor of the municipality of Kłoczew

......’What is remarkable is the involvement and support of the specialist from Gannet Guard Systems S.A. in the exact location of the machine hiding place.’

Gannet Customer opinions - Dorel Polska
Beata Gintowt-Waletko
Marketing Manager
Dorel Polska Sp. z o.o

......’We recommend the company Gannet Guard System S.A. as a reliable and competent Seller’


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Our Partners

We have been trusted by companies from the transport, leasing and insurance industries, car dealers
and sellers of construction and agricultural equipment of the best brands in the world.

Gannet Guard Systems - we know everything about GPS vehicle monitoring!

Gannet Guard Systems is a leader in the development and implementation of transport monitoring automated systems. With our products you can easily control the work of the entire car park or determine location of a stolen car. All our efforts are directed towards the implementation in Poland of the latest GPS vehicle monitoring systems, and also towards the provision of comprehensive services in the field of car support and protection. Our goal is to create a uniform system of monitoring and protection of vehicles, both within the country and abroad.

What we offer

Every business in the field of transport requires substantial material and physical expenses. That is why it is very important to take the optimization of this process seriously. Thanks to our automatic GPS system for car tracking, you can easily control the movement of each car online. In this way, the following threats are excluded:

  • delayed arrival at destination;
  • excessive fuel consumption;
  • unplanned stops;
  • deviations from the designated route;
  • vehicle theft.

GPS transmitter for car - the latest development in the field of innovative technologies, created to meet the needs of the modern transport logistics market, which worked well in Western European countries. Thanks to the activities of our company, this product has become available to all managers of domestic car transport companies and private individuals owning a car.

Our advantages:

  • High quality certified equipment
  • On-time technical assistance
  • Rich experience (we have been on the market since 1997)
  • A warranty on all devices offered
  • Affordable prices
About vehicle tracking technologies

Initially, transport monitoring systems were used only to control the movement of a car and worked only in offline mode. Today, they allow remote monitoring of vehicles in real time. At the same time, the systems offered by Gannet Guard Systems are able to determine the location of a car with an accuracy of 3 cm.

Our products:

  • GanTrack – a vehicle tracking system using radio communication. The locator makes it possible to locate the stolen car within a few minutes and return it to the rightful owner. GanTrack is resistant to intentional disturbances (signal jamming) - the signal will not be interrupted even in underground garages and steel containers.
  • GanFleet is an innovative GPS device for monitoring movable and stationary observation facilities. With its help, you can fully control the work of a car park. With GanFleet you will forget forever about excessive fuel consumption, breaking the delivery schedule, delays, and any scams on the part of a driver.
  • GanTotal – probably the best system on the Polish market, making it possible to protect a car from theft. This unique radio location system works in conjunction with GSM and GPRS monitoring systems. It is suitable for the protection of all types of passenger cars, trucks, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and even boats and cutters.

We are ready to solve any problem

Our company offers only high-quality GPS car locators. Our products meet all international quality criteria and have appropriate certificates. In our offer you will find affordable GPS-es, controllers to solve simple tasks, as well as multifunctional devices for monitoring trucks and passenger cars. We know everything about car location control, fuel consumption and delivery schedules. If you have any questions, just contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions and help you make the right choice.