7 benefits from the use of container monitoring

.. “Proper storage and placement of containers allows for proper management of storage space and facilitates access to individual units. Better knowledge of the product’s location enables faster access to it, which means that it reaches the end customer faster.

I install and nothing else matters

The modules mounted on containers have a completely maintenance-free character. Systems used to track containers are characterized by high resistance to weather conditions. The enclosure housing the module has an IP67 degree of protection. Batteries used for independent power supply of devices are able to work up to 5 years without the need for recharging. They do not require servicing or supervising their condition. Therefore, it is not necessary to employ additional employees, and thus the personnel costs do not increase – explains Dariusz Kwakszys from Gannet Guard Systems. “…

source: http://etransport.pl/wiadomosc,52639,7_korzysci_z_zastosowania_monitoringu_kontenerow.html