• JCB machine recovered

    JCB machine recovered

  • Toyota Auris recovered
    4 h 30 min
    22 V 2017, godz. 23:30 w Warszawie
    23 V 2017, godz 4:00 pod Warszawą

    Toyota Auris recovered

    On May 22nd, by midnight, Gannet Guard Systems alarm central received notificatin of a stolen Toyota Auris. The vehicle „disappeared” from a residential parking in Warsaw. Thanks to the Gan Track radio system, despite the jamming signal, GGS operators have located where the vehicle is hiding. The car was parked in a freestanding garage in one of the suburbs of Warsaw. Thanks to the cooperation with the Bushido police unit and uniforms from the Warsaw Police Headquarters, the search action ended with capturing the perpetrators and further detention of people associated with this group is possible.
    The vehicle will be returned to the owner immediately after the investigative activities.

  • Toyota Auris recovered
    2h 00 min
    13 V 2017, godz 12:10 w Warszawie
    13 V 2017, godz 14:10 w Warszawie

    Toyota Auris recovered

    On May 13 in the afternoon, Gannet Guard Systems alarm central received notification of misappropriation of Toyota Auris belonging to one of the Warsaw car rental companies. The renter’s phone was inactive and the address given during the rental was false. The owner decided to report the matter to the police and locate the vehicle belonging to him. Having tracked Toyota, it turned out that the car was parked on the street. However, it did not respond to the command of a spare key. The vehicle’s safety systems were damaged, the car would propably go to a chop shop soon. Auris was towed to the rental area, and the case was forwarded to the police.

  • BMW X5 recovered
    7 V 2017, godziny nocne, aglomeracja śląska
    10 V 2017, godz. 06:05 w Krakowie

    BMW X5 recovered

    The owner, after returning from abroad, parked his BMW X5 on one of the streets of the Silesian agglomeration.  The next day the car was not there.  Upon reporting the theft, the team of Gannet Guard Systems began the action of tracking. Thanks to the GanTrack technology and with the advanced radio – based tracking methods using signal interference information, GGS specialist without much trouble located the garage where the stolen car was located. The use of a jammer by thieves, which at the time the BMW was located was still on, was useless. The recovered BMW X5 was passed to the Malopolska police for further procedural steps. This is another search that used the ability to track high-power jamming signal and transmission of the radio transmitter.

  • Lexus CT 200h recovered
    8 h 10 min
    27 IV 2017, godz. 13:15 w Krakowie
    27 IV 2017, godz. 21:25 na terenie woj. zachodniopomorskiego

    Lexus CT 200h recovered

    On April 27, around 1:00 pm, Gannet Guard Systems alarm central received notification of misappropriation of Lexus CT 200h. The car was taken from private property in Cracow. It was located a few hours later in a garage in the West Pomeranian Province. The car was seized by the police and towed to the police car park as proof of the case.

  • Iveco Daily recovered
    4 h 02 min
    30 IV 2017, godz. 19:13 w Warszawie
    30 IV 2017, godz. 23:15 na terenie woj. śląskiego

    Iveco Daily recovered

    On April 30 in the evening, Gannet Guard Systems operators got information about the theft of Iveco Daily, owned by one of the Warsaw car rental companies. The vehicle was tracked down thanks to the GanTrack system already 4 hours after reporting the theft.  The van was not hidden – it was parked on the street in one of the towns in the Silesian province. The car was impounded by the police and towed to the police car park.

  • Recovery of Mazda 6
    0 h 40 min
    23 IV 2017, godz. 12:04 w Warszawie
    23 IV 2017, godz. 12:44 w okolicach Warszawy

    Recovery of Mazda 6

    On April 23, at around 12 pm, Gannet Guard Systems alarm central received notification of a stolen Mazda 6, protected by the GanTrack system. The car fell prey to thieves in Warsaw. An immediate search action allowed to find the vehicle in 40 minutes in one of the suburbs of Warsaw. Mazda was taken over by the police, towed to the police car park, and then returned to the owner.

  • Ford Mustang recovered
    0 h 37 min
    22 III 2017, godz. 16:32 na terenie woj. mazowieckiego
    22 III 2017, godz. 17:09 na terenie woj. mazowieckiego

    Ford Mustang recovered

    On 22 March, the Gannet Guard Systems hotline received a phone call informing them of the misappropriation of a Ford Mustang under lease. The car was located in Mazowieckie and in several dozen of minutes after the notification was recovered by police officers.

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