Are there strong thieves?

Car thief can get into a vehicle and run it regardless of the quality and number of securities. As a result of his actions, some part of cars even ceases to ‘recognize’ their respective owners.

A method of automotive burglaries, in which air from a firmly struck tennis ball opens the door lock of a vehicle, has already gone down in history. In the era of more advanced security solutions and ubiquitous electronics, thieves have perfected the method of entering the car and running it.

Currently, a specialist who has the right tools – and the thieves are investing in equipment and software – is able to neutralize the immobilizer, eliminate auto alarm communicating with the vehicle controlling area network and turn on the ignition.

– Many times I have met with a situation, in which after finding a stolen vehicle the owner was not able to start it, because the immobilizer was already transcoded and did not recognize the signals transmitted from the original keys, says Mirosław Marianowski, Security Manager from the company Gannet Guard Systems dealing with tracking and finding stolen objects.

In his opinion, nowadays each car can be stolen. – Locks are traversed using special instruments to open the lock without damaging it, breaking tools, computers make it possible to take over the management of the vehicle start-up, even without the use of a key, so basically it only depends on the available time if a thief manages to drive off in the car, explains Marianowski. Therefore, in addition to the anti – theft securities, he suggests investing in solutions making it possible to recover stolen vehicle.

– It is about monitoring systems making it possible to track the position of a vehicle in real time. The best are the solutions based on not only the technology of GPS/GSM, but also those using radio tracking. This makes them resistant to jammers used by thieves, says Marianowski. The system of radiolocation after car theft allows for a relatively quick recovery of stolen property. Since the time of installation, the system remains in the so – called ‘sleep mode’ and is activated only after theft notification. On the one hand, it prevents the thief to find the place where the module is installed in the vehicle and on the other hand, it gives the owner of the car complete discretion, because his position is not being monitored at any time.