Backhoe loader tracked down

Financial losses, long-term compensation process, downtime in the ongoing works and the associated problems…
Gannet Guard Systems once again demonstrated its ability to prevent such situations.

On 14th October 2015 at around 8.30, Gannet Guard Systems alarm central received information about stolen backhoe loader – JCB 3CX. It was being used to carry out construction works in Dawidy near Warsaw. „We tracked down the signal from a module hidden in the stolen machine and already after two hours we located the place, where it was hidden by thieves. We called the police and escorted by police officers we entered the area of the property. Surprised owner refused to open the brick hangar , which we pointed out as the storage location of the stolen backhoe loader. Police officers using force got inside. The machine was in the place tracked down by us” – comments Mirosław Marianowski, Security Manager at Gannet Guard Systems.

Tracking down the machine was possible thanks to Gannet Guard Systems own solution called GanTrack, using, among others, radio waves, which even the best jammers of electromagnetic waves commonly used by thieves cannot overcome. The company also offers a service GanTotal, which – besides locating in case of theft – covers ongoing monitoring of vehicles, including operating parameters such as working time and fuel consumption with the ability to detect theft. The company is experienced in tracking both stolen construction and agricultural machinery. Tracking actions conducted by the team of GGS are 95 percent successful in the first 24 hours of reporting.

„Thanks to the rapid finding of a vehicle that returns to client most often on the same day, you can continue working, avoiding, for example, late completion of contracted works.”– says Dominika Włodarczyk, Key Account Manager at Gannet Guard Systems. We work with major players in the market as regards the distribution of construction machinery – Caterpillar, Interhandler, Volvo Maszyny Budowlane, Komatsu, Case, but we also secure the devices of other brands. As part of the activities we recovered machines worth even up to 4 million zł each” – adds Dominika Włodarczyk.


source: www.wirtualnemedia.pl