BMW X5 recovered - Gannet Guard

Anna Koryczan
12 May 2017
BMW X5 recovered

The owner, after returning from abroad, parked his BMW X5 on one of the streets of the Silesian agglomeration.  The next day the car was not there.  Upon reporting the theft, the team of Gannet Guard Systems began the action of tracking. Thanks to the GanTrack technology and with the advanced radio – based tracking methods using signal interference information, GGS specialist without much trouble located the garage where the stolen car was located. The use of a jammer by thieves, which at the time the BMW was located was still on, was useless. The recovered BMW X5 was passed to the Malopolska police for further procedural steps. This is another search that used the ability to track high-power jamming signal and transmission of the radio transmitter.

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