BMW X5 Recovered - Gannet Guard

Anna Koryczan
27 January 2017
BMW X5 Recovered

24th January at 6.48 Gannet Guard Systems operators received notification of a stolen BMW X5 in Sweden. Tracking module located in the vehicle had been installed in Poland, but the client permanently resides in the country of the Three Crowns and uses the extended subscription ensuring operation of the system throughout Europe. After the successful activation of the unit, we already knew the location of the stolen vehicle since 10 o’clock. The car was found around 60 km away from the residence of the owner. Due to the difficult contact with the Swedish police and the lack of interest on the part of the uniformed, most of the action took place in direct consultation with the client. Following the lack of reaction on the side of the officers, the client decided to pick the car by himself from a place the coordinates of which were provided by Gannet Guard Systems to the Swedish police.    The car safely returned to the owner.

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