Car thefts. Also new vehicles fall prey to thieves.

“It is worth noting that monitoring systems are not only effective tools for the recovery of stolen vehicles. New cars with solutions based on GPS / GSM and radio signals can be controlled by an owner on a regular basis with a special application. In this way, he/she gains knowledge about where his/her car is currently located, e.g. when a family member uses the vehicle” – explains Dariusz Kwakszys, IT manager at Gannet Guard Systems offering this type of systems. “We often find all sorts of chop shops where thieves strip cars for parts and most of them are new or almost new cars that hit the market again, but not in one piece. It turns out that at the moment most vulnerable to the loss of property are the owners of the latest models and that is why they should consider the installation of radio monitoring system, “- convinces Dariusz Kwakszys.

Source: http://www.polskatimes.pl/motofakty/a/kradzieze-aut-lupem-padaja-takze-nowe-pojazdy,12111840/

Source: http://www.polskatimes.pl/motofakty/a/kradzieze-aut-lupem-padaja-takze-nowe-pojazdy,12111840/