Car thefts in 2016. We have detailed data.

…”What do they steal?

When we asked what brands / models are most likely to fall prey to thieves, the policemen we addressed (and we inquired all provincial police headquarters and the metropolitan police) usually remained tight-lipped. Some of them – like the uniformed from Szczecin – wrote back straight down: “We do not give a list of the most often stolen car brands due to the possible claims of companies producing these vehicles.” Others pointed out in general that these were French and German vehicles (Wielkopolska), or German, Italian and Japanese cars (Łódź voivodeship).

“Our observations show that in recent years thieves are increasingly eager to target relatively new cars, 2-3 years-old. In the last months of 2016, Japanese cars – already at the forefront of stolen vehicles – were particularly popular.” – says Marcin Kawka from Gannet Guard Systems, a vehicle tracking and recovery company. Asked about the best solutions to protect a car against the temptation of other property owners, he states that actually the trick is not to prevent theft but to get the stolen car back. “The most effective system, as the police officers from the car crime department agree, is radio-based monitoring, which is resistant to GPS / GSM jammers commonly used by thieves. Vehicle tracking is possible thanks to it to a resolution of up to 3 cm, which prevents confusion in determining the actual location of a car you are looking for – even if there is a row of neighbouring garages. And most importantly, 98 percent of cars are recovered within 24 hours “ – argues the expert from Gannet Guard Systems.”

Source: //www.motofakty.pl/artykul/kradzieze-samochodow-2016-mamy-szczegolowe-dane.html