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  • Sensitive goods under special supervision

    … “Companies from the vehicle monitoring industry have solutions corresponding to the provisions in the bill. They make it possible to track the position and monitor a number of other factors regarding the condition of a vehicle. Modules provide insight into the routes that are used by trucks and vans

    25 September 2018
  • What vehicles to monitor and why?

    …”In fear of theft or rather losing a car, the owners of passenger cars decide on various security options. The most effective are systems that use modern radio modules that make it possible to track a vehicle with an accuracy of a few centimeters, and additionally are very difficult to

    30 August 2018
  • Car of thefts in Warsaw. How to protect yourself.

    „ A thief, who is next to the owner of a vehicle, has a device that strengthens the signal from the car. A person standing by the car uses the equipment that intercepts the signal and thus can open the car and start the engine – says Cezary Ezman from

    29 June 2018
  • How to save on expensive fuel by working with new technologies?

    … “As a result, the monitoring system is an effective way to reduce the costs of running a machine park, it is not only a tool to verify the truthfulness of employees, but also a solution that increases self-discipline among employees who are aware that their actions are closely watched.

    24 May 2018
  • Technology. Mom, dad, where did your child go?

    … “Psychologists note that the key to effective use of continuous monitoring is the transparent arrangment between a parent and a child.  The location system cannot act like an electronic leash. The basis is to develop clear rules – e.g. by using speeding alerts only. – The key is not

    18 May 2018