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  • Fuel theft. How to protect yourself?

    … “Such information in the form of alerts is sent to a mobile device of a vehicle owner or fleet manager. Data can be received via an application or SMS. This gives the opportunity of an immediate response that will make it possible to catch a thief red handed” –

    29 January 2019
  • Most often stolen vehicles in Poland

    …” – German and Japanese cars are most often stolen. They are widely regarded as cars with high performance, relatively affordable prices and very popular. For thieves, it’s pure economics. By dividing vehicles into parts, they will always find a market for them” – says Dariusz Kwakszys , expert from

    29 December 2018
  • Fleet in small companies should also be monitored

    …”The bane of many fleet managers and business owners with all kinds of machinery – be it agricultural or construction – is the issue of employee integrity and proper operation of the equipment. The way to better control subordinates and increase the efficiency of operations is the use of an

    12 December 2018
  • Thieves choose the most expensive vehicles

    … “Interest in expensive cars is also confirmed by representatives of companies dealing with the recovery of stolen vehicles. – Just visit the bookmark ‘Recoveries’ on our website to notice that thieves are interested in cars costing more than 100 thousand zlotys – notes Dariusz Kwakszys Gannet Guard Systems. –

    18 November 2018
  • Sensitive goods under special supervision

    … “Companies from the vehicle monitoring industry have solutions corresponding to the provisions in the bill. They make it possible to track the position and monitor a number of other factors regarding the condition of a vehicle. Modules provide insight into the routes that are used by trucks and vans

    25 September 2018