Don’t let a thief steal from you

Ranking of automobile anti – theft securities.

Every single car can be stolen. The whole trick is to hamper the work of a thief. That is why securities were developed. However, one thing to another is not equal. Which one to choose to sleep peacefully?

In 2014, 14 124 cars were stolen in Poland. That is about 9 percent less than a year earlier, which does not change the fact that every 37 minutes someone says goodbye to their car. Usually forever, because only every fourth car is recovered.  And even though the police draws attention to the steady decrease in the number of thefts (in 2004, 51 150 crimes of this type were recorded), then in accordance with the principle “prudent always protected” it is worth to invest in securities. Which ones? The choices are – generally speaking – mechanical and electronic.

– Mechanical securities are out of date. Electronic, but factory ones, are worked out by thieves. It is better to put on aftermarket solutions, because in their case  thieves have the most work, and in case of problems they rather give up the theft than devote more time on it risking being caught –
explains Paweł Ślubowski from the company hadron.pl.

Police officers from the capital Department to Combat Vehicle Crime note in turn that in the era of reigning electronics, radio-monitoring systems are the most effective. However, the thing is not that they prevent theft, but the thing is they help to recover vehicles that fall prey to thieves.

– Such systems are insensitive to the jammers of GPS/GSM systems used by thieves. In addition, they allow tracking down the cars with an accuracy of up to several centimetres, also in the underground garages or metal containers – says Dominika Włodarczyk from Gannet Guard Systems. In combination with the high efficiency of locating cars and speed in the procedures (more than 95 percent of cars that fall prey to thieves is retrieved within 24 hours), radio monitoring system appears to be the best solution.

Ranking of automobile anti – theft securities: from the least to the most effective

8. Steering wheel lock
Inexpensive, but also the least effective. Thieves most often pull it off by cutting steering wheel or removing with a strong kick – they do not bother cutting the unit itself or disarming its lock.

7. Lock on the pedals
Its removal takes some time, but its considered a relic – like lock on the steering wheel

6. Lock on the gear level
Depending on the evolution of a given model, it takes a thief to remove it from tens of seconds to over a minute. It may deter thieves – amateurs, but not professionals. The more that even without getting rid of the lock, after depressing the clutch pedal, the car can be rolled – over to a safer place for the thief and then towed away.

5. Factory alarms and immobilisers
Car manufacturers are trying to protect cars against thieves’ attempts. The British Company Thatcham is even preparing a report presenting models that are the best prepared to encounter the amateurs of someone else’s property. However as it happens, criminal gangs work out factory solutions of specific brands in the first place, which makes their usefulness – although indisputable – is not the highest.

4. Electronic aftermarket protections
Engine start blockades work much better than alarms. From the anti-theft protection point of view, secondary concern in their case is the user authentication method (eg. pressing specific buttons in a proper sequence or using remote identifier). What matters is the effectiveness of the blockade. In the case of cars with petrol engines interference usually affects fuel system, in cars with Diesel units and working on LPG – the ignition system, and in the case of vehicles with automatic gearbox – starter.

3. Alarm with the alert function
These are solutions using GPS & GSM modules, thanks to which, in the event of detection of intrusion or movement of the vehicle, they inform the user about this by SMS or phone call. On this occasion, they send location data of the car, allowing the targeting of it.

2. GPS monitoring system
Product and service all in one. After installing GPS and GSM module in the car, its position can be monitored continuously (with proper intervals) or on demand. The monitoring system is not anti-theft protection in the literal sense of the word, but serves as an auxiliary function in recovering the car. A company supporting it, upon receiving information about the theft, calls on its services and tracks the car in cooperation with the police. The disadvantage of solutions based on GPS/GSM is the increasing use by thieves of signals jammers, which starting results in blinding the system.

1. Radio monitoring system
Thanks to insensitivity to the work of jammers commonly applied by thieves, it is characterized by high efficiency in finding stolen cars. This allows them to locate them even in the event …

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