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Anna Koryczan
30 March 2017
Driver log – effective working day management

Reporting and describing routes every time, taking into account distance, time and place, can be tedious, time consuming and requires constant monitoring of performed activities. In such cases, new technologies come in handy – including fleet monitoring systems enriched with additional functionality, such as the “Driver log”.

The new functionality that Gannet Guard Systems has implemented in the Eurofleet application – the “Driver Log” – allows in an efficient and convenient way to monitor and settle the driven routes. This tab is used to document a driver’s working day (e.g. hospital ambulance). With this functionality, the driver does not have to remember data such as start and stop times, travel times, mileage, or visited addresses. All of this data goes to the system, and the only thing the driver must do is to select a particular passage and describe it, for example, “Carriage of patient X from hospital Y to hospital Z”.

This type of functionality is ideal for fleets used by couriers or sales representatives. Each trip can be monitored and the administrator or employer will have an insight into the purpose of visiting a specific point. This can contribute to increased productivity and lower maintenance costs for the car fleet.

The advantages of the log:

Automatic saving of all data and online access

Reports available in HTML, PDF, Excel and e-mail

The ability to distinguish between private and business routes performed by drivers

Ability to create financial reports of completed routes

Function to enter route descriptions, to add target and effect information

Insights into reports on specific periods – for example weeks and months


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