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Anna Koryczan
21 March 2017
Efficiency report – a way to improve company’s performance

The misery of many fleet managers and owners of companies with all kinds of machines – whether agricultural or construction – is a question of employee integrity and proper operation of equipment. The way to better control subordinates and increase company productivity is to use a GPS / GSM and radio based monitoring system.

Gannet Guard Systems, in response to customer needs, has introduced an additional feature in EuroFleet that allows you to generate performance reports for specific machines. Tracking modules equipped with additional sensors can do more than just keeping track of a vehicle location. They also provide visibility into parameters such as fuel consumption, running time, engine start up and shut off, and sudden drop in fuel levels in tanks. In addition, what is extremely important is to check that a vehicle is used properly and that it actually works. Sensors located in control devices detect movement of levers, and the EuroFleet appliacation that analyses them makes it possible to generate performance reports showing whether an employee was performing the commissioned activities during the whole time spent in the vehicle.

As part of the reports on vehicle efficiency, a manager receives precise information about the time and place of commencement of work, the distance travelled, the exact time of the engine shut off and the place, where the machine was parked. Through reports, it is possible to analyse the effectiveness of all monitored vehicles and their operators. They receive access to work hours statistics with monthly summary of parameters. In addition, they can check how many minutes a day the machine worked ineffectively, i.e. did not perform activities intended for it.

Advantages of reports:

  • Ability to control the performance and efficiency of individual machines
  • Access to transparent reports to streamline decision-making processes within a company
  • Ability to view archived data and observe changes
  • Mobile access to all machine operation information
  • Improved company performance and analysis of the effectiveness of its employees
  • The ability to control whether the machines / vehicles actually do their job thanks to the sensors fitted in control devices, e.g. control levers


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