Eurofleet: application for comprehensive fleet management

The use of mobile technologies in enterprises can save time and increase business efficiency.  Applications to manage fleet and control them from a smartphone or tablet are an invaluable aid in the supervision of the operation of vehicles in the company.

According to different estimates, by the end of 2015 more than 60% Polish people will have smartphones. Such a large popularity of mobile devices makes manufacturers and software providers are full of ideas to use them as mobile terminals to manage processes in the company.  One such application is Eurofleet. The program created by Gannet Guard Systems provides comprehensive fleet management.

Eurofleet gives the user an insight into information on particular vehicles along with visualisation on an interactive map of travelled routes.  Business owner can check the reports on fuel consumption by their fleet and the cost associated with its maintenance during the day, week or month.

The application also offers access to information about the number of stops of a given vehicle, total operating time and the hours the engine was on and off, which allows you to check on a current basis whether the vehicle is used only during business hours or whether an employee uses it privately.

The Eurofleet app can be downloaded in the iTunes store, for the users of the iOS system as well as in Google Play, for the users of Android.

Source: //www.benchmark.pl