EuroFleet – fleet management using smartphone

Gannet Guard Systems, originating from Scandinavia, the producer of solutions for tracking and retrieving stolen vehicles has released a mobile application EuroFleet that allows for comprehensive management of vehicles fleets directly from a smartphone or tablet.

Until recently, vehicles fleets management was associated with spending time in front of many monitors, which should track the movement of vehicles, operating time or fuel consumption. Now, just a smartphone with Android or iOS is sufficient for comprehensive fleet management.

EuroFleet mobile application provides all the necessary solutions for tracking the routes of vehicles; it provides reports of operating time, so that a person responsible for fleet can easily check how long the vehicles were on idling, and how long they were operating; it is also possible to check fuel consumption; the app also provides the features of alarms informing about – for example – unexpected  starting of engine off-hours.

Business clients wishing to use the EuroFleet application can do this after purchasing fleet management services via www – it is a cost, depending on the selected option (Poland or the entire Europe), from 60 to 99 zlotys. Access from mobile devices, through the application EuroFleet, it is an additional monthly cost of circa 5 zlotys.

Source: www.softonet.pl