Even up to 12 million vehicles under remote control

Car under regular control? Overseas, almost 6 million cars are monitored. Over the next few years there can be many more.

How many cars can be continuously monitored? Berg Insight estimates that in the next few years that will be a fleet of 18 million cars! Quite a lot considering the fact that currently on the roads of North America there move 4 million vehicles covered by monitoring. In Latin America: 1,9 million vehicles.

Who monitors the most cars? The top ten companies control more than 2.5 million cars! Among the top 10 companies, Berg Insight mentions, among others, Fleetmatics (400 thousand pieces), Trimble (350 thousand cars), Teologis Zonar (over 300 thousand cars). Are those large fleets? Absolutely! For comparison, in Poland about 200 companies deal with car monitoring services (including, among others, Cartrack, Data System, Gannet Guard Systems, Hertz Systems, Keratronik, Rikaline). The largest fleet is supervised by the giant: Finder after acquisition of AutoGuard – over 70 thousand objects.

Source: www.lokalizacja.info