Every hour at least one car is stolen in Poland

…”In 2016, 13542 cars were stolen in Poland (several hundred fewer than a few years ago). Depending on the voivodship, every second or every fourth car will return to the owner. What about the other vehicles. Right after the theft, they can be stored in different places: rented garages, residential car parks, even guarded. Finally, they get to a chop shop, where they can be prepared for sale or dismantled. If they are not dismantled, after the change of VIN, they get to buyers nationwide or are sent abroad.

Chop shops are organized in different places. They may be located in estates in large cities, most often in one of the many adjoining garages. Such a place is not distinguished by anything special for the untrained eye. Sometimes, vehicles get to workshop facilities of service establishments. Outside the agglomerations, the role of chop shops is taken over by various types of agricultural premises – barns, garages, and even pigsties. And there was also a chop shop with three stolen vehicles hidden in the old bunkers” – says Dariusz Kwakszys from Gannet Guard Systems, tracking and recovering vehicles”…

Source: //moto.onet.pl/aktualnosci/kradzieze-samochodow-w-polsce/bmlw8p