Gannet Guard Systems helps children from orphanages!

GGS for the first time supports the action called ZLOMBOL – an extreme expedition by communist production or construction vehicles, the aim of which is to collect funds, which shall be then given to the selected orphanages. This year, the aim of the expedition is the Greek city of Olympia. (www.zlombol.pl)


The entire route can be followed using our GPS system, which we will install in the Fiat 125p !


You only need to sign into our application, using login and password, which shall be made available before the start. One of our staff members belongs to the crew and shall report on the travel on an ongoing basis and send images that will be then uploaded on our Facebook profile.


This is an ideal opportunity to see how our system works and think about purchasing it for yourself!

Photos of the preparations for the trip soon!! We start on 15 September !!!