GPS monitoring can prevent a loss license

“This is probably the first case in Poland, where readings from the GPS monitoring system have made it possible to change the police decision on a fine and, consequently, to stop the driving license. “With the use of the advanced GPS locator modules, a number of vehicle parameters can be monitored: from where it is located, through the momentary and average speed of a vehicle, to the overload associated with acceleration and braking.” – notes Dariusz Kwakszys, IT Manager at Gannet Guard Systems. “In this case the speed ratings proved to be crucial and it was good that they were treated as reliable evidence.” – adds Dariusz Kwakszys. According to the expert from Gannet Guard Systems, this is a confirmation of the high quality of today’s GPS solutions.”…

source: http://truckvan.pl/newsy/4502-monitoring-gps-moze-zapobiec-utracie-prawa-jazdy.html