How long does it take to find a stolen car?

…”A stolen vehicle is usually a hot stuff. Right after the theft, it can hit a chop shop where it will be quickly dismantled. It may as well be waiting for weeks for a user, left in the woods or in a large parking lot at a supermarket. Alternatively: it may quickly find a buyer behind the eastern border.

Of course, the best solution is to find the vehicle as soon as possible so that it returns to the owner in its best condition. And how quickly can it be found? Certainly, the better chance of a shorter tracking time is for the models covered by the monitoring. It takes a little time for companies dealing with remote vehicle location to find a car. Much depends on the installed system and the solutions used by the thieves to make tracking difficult.

Mirosław Marianowski from Gannet Guard Systems states that: “Vehicles with the advanced radio tracking systems are in 98 percent of cases recovered within 24 hours. The effectiveness of this solution is confirmed in the talks with us even by police officers from the departments to fight car crime.”

How does a car tracking process look like in practice? A car owner should notify the police and property security company as soon as possible. Upon receipt of the notification, the operator attempts to locate the stolen vehicle as soon as possible. Sometimes the position is fixed after a dozen minutes, as in the case of Audi Q7 stolen in Katowice. The coordinates are then forwarded to the police, which then takes appropriate action. ”

source: http://moto.onet.pl/aktualnosci/ile-czasu-trwa-odnalezienie-skradzionego-samochodu/d0tk3z