How the stolen cars are recovered?

Balaclavas, Kevlar helmets, bulletproof vests, firearms and aircraft used in actions. This is not the American SWAT or the Polish GROM. This is the everyday life of a tracking team, recovering stolen vehicles covered by the monitoring system.

The action of tracking run by the technicians from Gannet Guard Systems is done according to a strictly defined procedure. There is no room for frantic, reckless operation and avoidance of schemes and procedures. Before the team together with the police finally seize a stolen vehicle, a chain of actions is actuated, involving many employees and technology operating in the service of monitoring.

To make finding of a stolen car possible, it must be fitted with the tracking module by Gannet Guard Systems. Devices use two tracking technologies – GPS and radio. It increases the accuracy of readings and the speed of response, and at the same time ensures that even if the thieves use the satellite signals jammers, which happens more and more often, a car will be tracked down anyway” – says Dariusz Kwakszys, IT Manager at Gannet Guard Systems.

The company can begin tracking only after reporting the theft of a vehicle fitted with the module by the client both to the police and to the monitoring company. Having acknowledged the fact, experts from Gannet Guard Systems immediately start the action (the alarm central operates 24/7). A person on duty contacts the uniformed services and begins cooperation with them. Then, the entire procedure begins. It involves verification in the electronic system of data related to the notification of theft, including a number of the module fitted in the vehicle and the activity of the battery. If the formal requirements are met, tracking team is organized, the aim of which is to find the vehicle.

The operation tactics is based on data that the company gets from the victim. This is, inter alia, information about the place of the theft, time when the loss of the vehicle was stated, and the possible time of disappearance. This allows the group of technicians to adopt the strategy. Depending on the complexity of the situation and the circumstances, operators use only cars in their actions, but if a lot of time has passed since the theft and the vehicle had a chance to get far away, Gannet Guard Systems decides to use a tracking aircraft, the extent of which is greater than of the mobile crews using cars. It penetrates a larger area of the country in the shorter time making it easier to find a car.

Using the advanced geolocation tools, technicians are able to provide information on a vehicle position with an accuracy of a few centimetres. When they are certain as to where the stolen property was hidden, they contact the police and enter the premises or the object in cooperation with the unfirmed services – intervention is possible only in the company of officers.

The work of operators is often dangerous. It happens that the police officers involved in the actions together with the Gannet Guard Systems operators are forced to use firearms because of a threat to life. Therefore, specialized technicians of the monitoring company are equipped with bulletproof vests, Kevlar helmets and guns.

‘We had to intervene in a place where the dismantling of stolen cars  was underway.  It was a dynamic force entry, because criminals barricaded from the inside out, preventing the entrance to the garage. Unlike usually, rather than force the door, we decided to break a hole in the wall upholstered with sheet’ – says Mirosław Marianowski from Gannet Guard Systems. „We did not know what would await us on the other side, and if the criminals were armed. Fortunately, they did not resist and surrendered immediately after the appearance in the room of the police and operators from Gannet Guard Systems. They were shocked. In fact, probably I would be in shock too if I saw someone breaking into the garage through the wall “- laughs Marianowski.
There are a lot of equally surprising stories. During one of the actions aimed at the recovery of a stolen car, it turned out that on the premises where the thieves stored the vehicle, there was a cultivation of marijuana.

„We baked two birds with one stone the car returned to the owner and by the way – the growers were arrested. – adds Marianowski.

It happens that within the frames of the action aimed at tracking one car, Gannet Guard Systems finds several vehicles. Such was the case recently, when the operator on duty received information that two cars were stolen from the premises of one customer: Toyota Land Cruiser secured with the GanTrack system and Kia Sportage without the security. After the successful operation, both vehicles were found in the same place.

„When we entered a garage at 6 o’clock, where according to our data a stolen vehicle should be located, we found two completely different cars – Land Cruiser and Sportage – and a whole bunch of parts from other vehicles. We may say that a victim recovered two vehicles thanks to one security” – explains Marianowski.