How to protect beehives from theft? A proposal from Gannet Guard Systems.

…”Beehives are being located in the same way as other secured items or vehicles. Each module has been equipped with a motion sensor.  When an owner gives a set of beehives the status “locked”, and a beehive is moved, an unauthorized traffic notification is automatically sent along with the coordinates of the location where the stolen property is located. Until the deactivation, the module will continue to inform of its position. The alert will also start when trying to dismantle the module. However, when a beehive is unlocked in a special application, which is a very simple operation, it will be possible to move it without any problem.” – notes Dariusz Kwakszys”…

Source: http://www.portalpszczelarski.pl/artykul/1549/jak_zabezpieczyc_ule_przed_kradzieza_propozycja_od_gannet_guard_system.html