How to save on expensive fuel by working with new technologies?

… “As a result, the monitoring system is an effective way to reduce the costs of running a machine park, it is not only a tool to verify the truthfulness of employees, but also a solution that increases self-discipline among employees who are aware that their actions are closely watched. And that is not the end. – Extensive functions of applications that accompany location systems facilitate the preparation of reports that show how much time an employee needs for visits to clients, how much time it takes to get there or how much the transport costs. Analyzing all these factors enables better management of employees and effective planning of their activities – summarizes the expert from Gannet Guard Systems.

Source: http://www.flota.com.pl/aktualnosci/4213/jak-oszczedzac-na-drogim-paliwie-wspolpracujac-z-nowymi-technologiami