Illegal dumping of waste

The provocation prepared by Gannet Guard Systems and TVN was to put a battery-powered locating module into an empty bottle of oil that was supposed to meet “hazardous” waste conditions and could be disposed of by a company suspected of illegal operation. The bottle was skilfully dumped into a waste container. Thanks to it, the journalist could check where the chemicals are stored, whether it is the area of the company’s operations and whether the required storage conditions are met.

“Properly prepared and secured GPS / GSM module was supplemented with the possibility of radio tracking of the place of its stay and was placed in an illegal cargo. It was configured to send information about its current position at even intervals. As a result, thanks to the mobile application  that shows the location of the targeted vehicle on a map, TVN journalists have come to the place of illegal waste dumping” – says Mirosław Marianowski, security expert Gannet Guard Systems…”

source: https://log4.pl/nielegalne-skladowanie-odpadow,12,15265.htm