In 2016, in Poland, cars were stolen every 39 minutes

…”Cars disappear parked on the street, from the cars parks under the blocks of flats or at supermarkets. More familiar in their profession make use of the devices catching signals from a remote control for central locking. Specialists from the German ADAC pointed at the glaring deficiencies in the securities of keyless systems.

There are also thefts with burglaries, usually between the hours of 23 and 4. Criminals after getting into a house, steal keys together with documents and drive away with a car. Dariusz Kwakszys from the company Gannet Guard Systems dealing with tracking and the recovery of stolen vehicles mentioned about the methods of operation of criminals.

Hideouts are organized in various places. They can be located in neighborhoods in large cities, most often in one of the many adjacent garages. Such place is not distinguished by anything in particular to the untrained eye. Sometimes vehicles end up in the workshops of service establishments involved in the repair of vehicles. Outside agglomerations, various utility rooms such as barns, garages and even pigsties serve as car thieves’ hideouts. But there was also a hideout with three stolen vehicles hidden in old bunkers…”