Machines worth millions are being stolen

There is no sanctity for a thief and no… unsolvable problem. How to carry away an excavator from the site? One can purport to be a company employee and inform the security that a vehicle must be transported to the place of other works (showing at the same time some unclearly photocopied documents), and then pack the equipment on a car carrier and drive it away in the blue distance. Alternatively, one can cut a hole in a fence surrounding protected area, taking advantage of noise prevailing at the site, and drive the bulldozer out.

Theft of construction or agricultural machinery it is a problem linked not only to a time – consuming and usually complicated compensation process (if the device was covered by motor hull insurance). Its „disappearance” additionally translates into further stagnation of work of a farm or a company, which generates further losses. The solution is to invest in solutions that will allow for the recovery of vehicles.

„Thanks to the rapid finding of a machine that goes back to the client most often on the same day, you can continue work, avoiding for example penalties for the failure to execute the works on time” – says Dominika Włodarczyk from the company Gannet Guard Systems  dealing  with tracking and finding stolen vehicles. ‘We work with the biggest players on the market when it comes to the distribution of construction machinery – Caterpillar, Interhandler, Volvo Maszyny Budowlane, Komastu, Case. Within the scope of the conducted activities, we recovered machines worth even up to 4 mln zlotys each”adds Dominika Włodarczyk.

Gannet Guard Systems uses its own solution called GanTrack, using for tracking for example radio waves that cannot be disrupted even by the best electromagnetic wave jammers commonly used by thieves. The company has in its offer also GanTotal, which – apart from locating in the event of theft – involves run-to-date monitoring of vehicles, including operating parameters such as fuel consumption with the ability to detect theft.

Source: www.komputerwfirmie.org