Monitoring as a way to improve the efficiency of employees

…”A nightmare of many fleet managers and owners of companies with all kinds of machines – whether agricultural or construction – is the issue of employee fairness and the proper operation of equipment.” Every hour of work of a qualified heavy equipment operator is the cost that an employer gets back along with the performance by his subordinates of specified work within a specified period. Any kind of delay or inefficient operation of the machines means losses for the company – not only financial but also in terms of image. One way to improve employee control and increase company productivity is to use a GPS / GSM and radio based monitoring system.

Localization modules equipped with additional sensors are not only able to keep track of the location of a vehicle. They also provide visibility into parameters such as fuel consumption, running time, engine start up and shutdown, and sudden drop in fuel levels in tanks. Until recently, park managers who decided to equip their vehicles with monitoring could only supervise them on the basis of engine working hours, which in practice did not translate into an analysis of the progress of the operations. There was also a lack of information that the machine actually worked, and not only remained switched on when the operator decided to take a “coffee break”. With the development of module capabilities, the developers of the monitoring systems have begun to look for new ways to improve employee productivity.

One of the tool that makes sure that, for example, a construction machine is used properly and that it actually works, is to equip a vehicle with appropriate sensors located, for example, in control devices. Sensors detect the movement of shifters, and the analysing Eurofleet application  for managing the system allows you to generate performance reports showing whether the employee has done their job the entire time they spent on the vehicle, – explains Dariusz Kwakszys, IT Manager at Gannet Guard Systems.”…

source: http://etransport.pl/wiadomosc,47660,monitoring_sposobem_na_poprawe_efektywnosci_pracownikow.html