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  • Ford Mustang recovered

    Ford Mustang recovered

    On the night of September 12-13, the Gannet Guard Systems alarm central unit received a report regarding missappropriation of Ford Mustang, belonging to one of car rental companies. When a dishonest customer realized that a car’s location system might be on board, he tried to disrupt the GPS / GSM signal with the help of a jammer.  Fortunately, the GanTrack system was installed in Ford. Using a dedicated band of radio waves, we managed to track the vehicle, which with the participation of the police returned to the owner.

  • Caterpillar bulldozer recovered

    Caterpillar bulldozer recovered

    On September 11, the Gannet Guard Systems alarm central unit received a notification regarding the appropriation of Caterpillar bulldozer. The coordinates of the place where the construction machine was located were transferred to the rightful owner. The vehicle was recovered the same day.

  • Recovery of Audi A6

    Recovery of Audi A6

    On September 9, the Gannet Guard System alarm central unit received a report of theft of Audi A6 equipped with the GanTrack system. The car disappeared overnight from a property in the Mazovia Province. A person on duty received the information about the incident at 7 am. The coordinates of the place where the vehicle was hidden were determined. The action of tracking took less than 3 hours and the information about location was forwarded to the police. Unfortunately, after finding the car already carried traces of damage. From the information that was established by the Gannet Guard Systems tracking team, the vehicle was stolen thanks to the “suitcase” method.

  • Recovery of Volvo excavator
    1 h 00 min
    7 IX 2018, godz. 9:00
    7 IX 2018, godz 10:00

    Recovery of Volvo excavator

    On September 7, the Gannet Guard Systems alarm central unit received a notification of misappropriation of Volvo excavator. The vehicle was found at one of the sites. It was parked on a platform trailer, ready to be transported to another place. Coordinates and location were given to the rightful owner who got the excavator back. 


  • Mitsubishi Outlander recovered

    Mitsubishi Outlander recovered

    On June 27, in the morning, in one of the villages near Warsaw, the Gannet Guard Systems team, after intensive searches for a stolen Mitsubishi, entered by force a closed garage with the police and fire brigade. In the garage, there was the vehicle stolen on June 26. Thanks to the GanTrack system installed in the car, it was possible to locate the vehicle with an accuracy of a few centimeters and precisely determine the place of its hiding. The client, who owned Mitsubishi, regained the stolen property for the second time this year thanks to the support of Gannet Guard Systems.

  • Recovery of Volkswagen Polo

    Recovery of Volkswagen Polo

    On June 11, in the afternoon, the Gannet Guard Systems headquarters received information about the appropriation of one of the vehicles belonging to a car rental company using our services. Fortunately, the car was equipped with the GanTrack system, thanks to which it was possible to determine where the vehicle was located without any problem. The appropriated new Volkswagen Polo was parked on the premises of a private property near the place of residence of the deceitful contractor. Information about the location of the car was provided directly to the owner. 

  • Audi SQ7 recovered
    3 h 00 min
    13 VI 2018, godz 9:00
    13 VI 2018, godz 12:00, na terenie Włocławka

    Audi SQ7 recovered

    On June 13, the Gannet Guard Systems alarm central received a notification about the appropriation of a luxury Audi SQ7. The vehicle was located a few hours after reporting, in Wloclawek. The police secured the SUV, which was towed to the police car park.


  • Lexus RX recovered
    1 h 30 min
    3 VI 2018, godz. 23:55 w Warszawie
    4 VI 2018, godz. 01:25 w okolicach Warszawy

    Lexus RX recovered

    On June 3, a few minutes before midnight, the Gannet Guard Systems alarm central received a report about the theft of Lexus RX from one of Warsaw’s streets. Immediate searches using radio tracking led to the recovery the vehicle in one of Warsaw’s suburbs within an hour and a half.  The owner picked up the car from the police a few hours after its recovery.

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