• Recovery of Volkswagen Polo

    Recovery of Volkswagen Polo

    On June 11, in the afternoon, the Gannet Guard Systems headquarters received information about the appropriation of one of the vehicles belonging to a car rental company using our services. Fortunately, the car was equipped with the GanTrack system, thanks to which it was possible to determine where the vehicle was located without any problem. The appropriated new Volkswagen Polo was parked on the premises of a private property near the place of residence of the deceitful contractor. Information about the location of the car was provided directly to the owner. 

  • Audi SQ7 recovered
    3 h 00 min
    13 VI 2018, godz 9:00
    13 VI 2018, godz 12:00, na terenie Włocławka

    Audi SQ7 recovered

    On June 13, the Gannet Guard Systems alarm central received a notification about the appropriation of a luxury Audi SQ7. The vehicle was located a few hours after reporting, in Wloclawek. The police secured the SUV, which was towed to the police car park.


  • Lexus RX recovered
    1 h 30 min
    3 VI 2018, godz. 23:55 w Warszawie
    4 VI 2018, godz. 01:25 w okolicach Warszawy

    Lexus RX recovered

    On June 3, a few minutes before midnight, the Gannet Guard Systems alarm central received a report about the theft of Lexus RX from one of Warsaw’s streets. Immediate searches using radio tracking led to the recovery the vehicle in one of Warsaw’s suburbs within an hour and a half.  The owner picked up the car from the police a few hours after its recovery.

  • Toyota Land Cruiser recovered
    6 h 05 min
    29 V 2018, godz. 5:55 w Gdańsku
    29 V 2018, godz. 14:00 w okolicach Pruszcza Gdańskiego

    Toyota Land Cruiser recovered

    On May 29, in the morning, the Gannet Guard Systems alarm central received a report of theft of Toyota Land Cruiser. The car disappeared from a private property in Gdansk. Thieves forced open the gate and drove away in the car. From the monitoring recordings, it appears that they attached a computer to the Land Cruiser, which aimed to break its security. A search was made using ground units and aircraft. Toyota was found after a few hours near Pruszcz Gdanski – it was left by thieves on a parking spot in a single-family housing estate.

  • Audi A6 recovered

    Audi A6 recovered

    In September 2017, in the area of Paris, the Gannet Guard Systems group tracked Audi A6 stolen from one of the Polish car rental companies. The car, which was not returned on time, was located thanks to the GanTrack system. It turned out that an organized criminal group was responsible for its disappearance, which was in a spot of the Central Bureau of Investigation. The group was sending out vehicles stolen in our country abroad. As a result of cooperation between the Polish and French police, we managed to recover Audi and in April 2018 it returned to Poland to its rightful owner.

  • A MAN tractor unit recovered

    A MAN tractor unit recovered

    On April 25, in the morning, thanks to the use of the Gannet Guard Systems location system, we managed to locate a place where a truck stolen in the area of Gdańsk was hidden. The cooperation of GGS with the Lithuanian police made it possible to precisely hit the heart of a huge criminal organization operating in the area of Kaunas. This is not the first tracking action during which Gannet Guard Systems experts worked together with foreign law enforcement officers. According to findings of Lithuanian investigators, trucks were being dismantled and transported to third world countries.

  • Rang Rover recovered
    1 h 30 min
    13 IV 2018, godz 5:00 w Gdańsku
    13 IV 2018, godz 6:30 w Gdańsku

    Rang Rover recovered

    This morning, the Gannet Guard Systems alarm central received a report of theft of Range Rover. The vehicle disappeared around 3:30 a.m. from a private property in Gdansk. Thanks to the efficient action of GGS employees and excellent communication, the place when the stolen cars was parked was tracked down very quickly. The SUV was set aside by thieves to “cool down”.   Even its number plates were changed – from Polish to foreign. The coordinates of the place where the Land Rover was parked (a luxury housing estate in Gdańsk) were handed over to the police. The car was intact. Friday the 13th turned out to be an unlucky day for thieves.


  • BMW X4 recovered
    5 h 00 min
    6 IV 2018, godz. 23:00 w okolicach Krakowa
    7 IV 2018, godz. 04:00 w Przemyślu

    BMW X4 recovered

    On the night of April 6, the Gannet Guard Systems headquarters received a report of theft of BMW X4. The car was stolen near Krakow. The efficient operation of the GGS search team made it possible to find the vehicle on April 7 in the morning near Przemysl, 5 hours after the start of the tracking action. The coordinates of the place where the car was parked were handed over to the police. The BMW did not show signs of damage – it was most likely to cross the eastern border.

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