Now we will find your car even faster!

Gannet Guard Systems engaged in tracking and finding stolen vehicles launches a new version of GanTrack. Thanks to innovative changes, it takes a little time to locate the car and the action of positioning is conducted over a much wider area.

GanTrack is the most effective system of radiolocation after car theft in Poland, allowing for quick recovery of stolen property. This makes that 95% of stolen vehicles is found within 24 hours. Such a short time of action prevents among others the more frequent phenomenon of dismantling cars or carrying them out abroad.

In the latest version – GGS1000 –  GanTrack has been enhanced with the possibility of using GPS and GSM frequencies. This greatly reduced the already short response time to information about the theft and increased the range of the system, which now covers the whole Europe’ – says Dominika Włodarczyk, Key Account Manager at Gannet Guard Systems. In addition, in connection with the possibility of remote diagnostics of the module installed in a  vehicle, we are able to inform the user in advance about the possible need to replace the battery and determine if the device is working properly – adds Dominika Włodarczyk.

GanTrack GGS1000 – like its predecessor– since the time of installation remains in the so – called sleep mode, and is activated only after theft notification. On the one hand, it prevents the thief to find the place where the module is installed in a vehicle and on the other hand, it gives the owner of the car complete discretion because his position is not being monitored at any time.

Another advantage is its own independent power supply– the battery can operate 36 months. Moreover, the module does not interfere with the factory electrical system of the vehicle, and therefore you do not need to worry about losing producer’s warranty.

„It is worth noting, that even in the event of using electromagnetic waves jammers by thieves, which is a common practice, a vehicle equipped with GanTrack GGS1000 can be located through radio signals. It also does not lose coverage in underground car parks or steel containers. This is what distinguishes us from our competitors ‘ emphasizes Dominika Włodarczyk.

Source: www.turystyka24h.pl