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Recovery of Audi A6

Pojazdy odnalezione z Gannet Guard Systems

Wrz 2018

Odnaleziono: Recovery of Audi A6

  • region: woj. mazowieckie
  • odnaleziono w: 3 godziny

On September 9, the Gannet Guard System alarm central unit received a report of theft of Audi A6 equipped with the GanTrack system. The car disappeared overnight from a property in the Mazovia Province. A person on duty received the information about the incident at 7 am. The coordinates of the place where the vehicle was hidden were determined.

data zniknięcia:

09.09.2018, 07:00

data odnalezienia:

09.09.2018, 10:00

The action of tracking took less than 3 hours and the information about location was forwarded to the police. Unfortunately, after finding the car already carried traces of damage. From the information that was established by the Gannet Guard Systems tracking team, the vehicle was stolen thanks to the “suitcase” method.