Parental control in a car

Passed driving test, first trips as a driver, your child enters the adult life. Parents are proud of their children, but they worry about their safety behind the wheel.

Does my child drive cautiously? Does my child not endanger themselves and others on the road?  Caring for a child is every parent’s part of life, no matter how old a son or a daughter is. The statistics of the Police General Headquarters regarding the accidents of 2016 prove that fears are not just a result of parental oversensitivity.  Every fifth tragic incident that happened last year was caused by a young driver aged 18-24.

Modern technology comes in with the help to those who are worried about their children beginning the adventure behind the wheel. Thanks to the monitoring systems basing on a GPS technology, almost full control over vehicles, and thus – over their drivers is possible. These solutions are associated with services for car fleets and mobile workers, but they will also work well for parents who want to take care of children sitting behind the wheel. This is not about surveillance of children, but about the concern for their safety. The possibility of rapid response in case of an emergency and a chance to provide immediate assistance thanks to precise vehicle location data are the arguments that appeal on the use of monitoring in a car driven by a kid.

“Dad, mom, can I borrow a car?” This question always comes from the mouth of a child who passed the driving test and wants to test their skills on the road. A car rental company will not risk providing a juvenile driver with a car, but parents cannot refuse. Fearing for the safety of their children, parents are increasingly choosing to install our GanFleet device. “The in-vehicle module sends information to an application that allows you to read data on your computer or phone via a web browser, “says Dariusz Kwakszys, IT Manager at Gannet Guard Systems.

A car’s GPS system gives parents access to current vehicle movement data, the speed at which a child drives, stops, refueling and historical reports covering these parameters and operating costs. The GanFleet Locator gives parents complete control over the driving style of a young driver, they do not have to worry about their kid and their car.

“A car is a great temptation to impress friends or a girl. Unfortunately, often the lack of experience behind the wheel and reckless driving ends tragically. We recommend that parents monitor cars driven by their children. Especially at the beginning, experienced people should know the driving style of a young driver to advise them, train and prevent unnecessary, stressful situations, “- explains Dariusz Kwakszys.