Parental control in the car

Passed driving test, first trips as a driver, child enters adulthood. Parents are proud of their kids, but are worried about their safety behind the wheel.

Do they drive carefully? Don’t they endanger on the road to themselves and others? Caring for a child is every parent’s part of life, no matter how old a son or daughter is.  Statistics of the Police Headquarters for accidents in 2014 prove that the concern is not only due to the oversensitive parents. Every fifth fatal traffic incident last year was caused by a young driver having 18-24 years old.

Modern technology comes in with the help to those who are worried about their children beginning the adventure behind the wheel. Thanks to the monitoring systems basing on GPS technology, almost full control over vehicles, and thus – over their drivers is possible.  Those solutions are indeed associated with the services for vehicle fleets and mobile workers but also perfectly suit for parents who want to have custody of children sitting behind the wheel. The point is not to keep their children under surveillance, but the thing is the concern about their safety. The possibility of rapid response in case of an emergency and a chance to provide immediate assistance thanks to precise vehicle location data are the arguments that appeal on the use of monitoring in the car, which is used by a child.

„Dad, Mum, can I borrow the car? This question always rains from a child’s mouth, who passed a driving test and wants to test their skills on the road. Car rental will not risk the provision of a juvenile driver with a car, while parents cannot refuse. Fearing for the safety of their children, they are increasingly turning to the installation of our device – GanFleet. The module placed in the vehicle transmits data that can be read out on a computer through the Web browser or by phone, using the dedicated application” – says Dominika Włodarczyk, Key Account Manager at Gannet Guard Systems.

The system gives parents access to current data on the vehicle’s movement, speed with which the child goes, car stops, refuelling and historical data covering these parameters and, among others, operating costs. The device is for parents full control over the juvenile’s driver style of driving, parents can be confident both of their children and the lent car.