Accessories - Gannet Guard


1. Driver identifier – allows the driver using the vehicle to identify as a person authorized to use the vehicle. These sensors are particularly useful for recording drivers working time and also for distinguishing the time of work from using the vehicle for private purposes. In order to identify the driver, the following accessories can be used:

Dallas key – these are coded keys with matching receiver, which allows recognizing the driver both for safety and fleet services. Additional keys enable the identification of many drivers.

Dallas Reader – with a LED diode and with a button – informant allowing for the identification of the driver and providing reports on the status of the driver in case of special events.

The product consists of a Dallas reader (driver identification), a button for reporting on specific events, LED , which is used as an indicator of the status of the device controlled by GanFleet.

GanFleet proximity reader – identifies data from a proximity card or data contained on a TAG (TAG identifier) and transmits them to GanFleet. Then the reader informs of correct or incorrect proximity card. The device offers a modern wireless technology, which allows the use of a variety of popular proximity cards and tags.

Proximity cards – are plastic electronic cards with embedded receiver allowing recognizing the driver.

GanFleet keyboard – is used to identify the driver, providing additional authentication method. The driver tabs on the keyboard their own identification code, which after recognition of the driver allows them to start the vehicle.

2. Trailer identifier – is a compact device for monitoring the location of the trailer. It makes it possible to easily monitor which trailer is hooked up as a part of the fleet, which is not, and the place where it’s hooked up

Immobiliser – electronic protection against unauthorized starting of the vehicle. With this device, you cannot start the car without prior identification of the driver.

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GanPilot (wireless access controller) – device to prevent unauthorized starting of the vehicle. The operation of the system is reduced to the use of a radio identifier of the size of a keychain.

IMMO button (GanImmo) – it is a hidden micro button that allows you to control the ignition lock function in the vehicle.

Alarm button – increases the safety of the driver in the vehicle, by making it possible to start the alarm in the monitoring center with the use of a hidden button. It can also be used to support a hands free set providing connectivity between the driver and the service representative or control center operators.

Impact sensor – informs about all impacts that could influence the technical condition of the vehicle. The sensor detects any impacts, which cause acceleration higher than 8G in front and in the back and 3G to the right and left. The sensor is resistant to temperature changes.


 1. Fuel

Fuel sensor – enables the control over the level of fuel consumed through the connection with the vehicle’s internal measurement system. The sensor is connected to the analogue input in the GanFleetF unit without interference with the fuel tank of the object. Its use in a vehicle can quickly reduce the costs of its operation and eliminates overuses, e.g. fuel losses

Can logistic – allows retrieving information from the computer of the vehicle (mileage, fuel status, engine temperature, temp. in ‘freezers’.)

Fuel probe – allows you to read the status of fuel in a fuel tank with an accuracy of 2 %. It is placed in the vehicle’s fuel tank and is used for larger tanks. The sensor is connected to a transmitter located on the vehicle.

Fuel filler opening sensor – used to control the opening of a fuel tank filler. Connected to the digital input of GanFleetF, registers the events of opening and closing the fuel filler cap.

Protection of a fuel filler cap (GanBak) – is used to control and monitor access to the fuel filler, mainly of trucks and construction machinery. An additional option is the anti – theft strainer to prevent fuel draining.

2. Temperature


Temperature sensor – it allows the measurement of temperature to avoid losses, in particular in containers in the refrigeration industry, as well as to protect other temperature sensitive goods. It allows measuring on a scale from – 50° to + 70° C. The sensor is connected to the analogue input of the GanFleet devices. Data on temperature are available for the client both after signing in the GanFleet application, as well as in later reports.

GanFleet CTR temperature recorder – makes it possible to connect to 4 temperature sensors, as well as allows recording, saving and printing up to 16 000 temperature readings at different time intervals.


3. Others


Container’s door opening sensor – reliable magnetic sensor connected to the digital input of the GanFleetS is used to detect the opening of the door in containers / trailers.


Garmin integration – it is a device enabling communication with the driver. It has the ability to send a text message from the control center to the vehicle, which then appears on the screen. In addition to it, the unit also makes it possible to change the route instantly, which is indicated by the message “new destination”. These functions of the device provide better navigation and control, i.e. the location of vehicles in real time, notify the vehicle reaches a designated place or inform that the vehicle is moving towards the next destination.


GanFleet wireless kit – allows the driver to communicate with the managers of the fleet, offering two-way connection using a microphone and speaker. The driver can initiate, receive and disconnect calls using the service button; the driver can also initiate a service or emergency call to a predefined number. The wireless module also supports quiet monitoring of the cabin, which allows individuals from the fleet control to hear the conversation in the vehicle, while the speaker in the car is turned off. The device can be programmed in a way enabling auto – answer. The kit has a built – in LED indicator that indicates the status of the connection.

GanFleet MDT – reliable and ergonomic mobile data terminal (MDT) to send text messages, commonly used to communicate with the representatives of the fleet. The device offers operators excellent communication and storage of messages in the absence of a connection. GanFleet MDT comes with a 5,5 inch monochromatic display with adjustable LED backlighting.


GanFleet MDT 860 – it is a reliable solution for sending, receiving and storing text messages. It makes it possible to display text and graphic, it has a user input keyboard. The device offers field proven economic platform that is resistant to extreme temperature fluctuations, vibration and shock. Built-in power supply is able to work in a wide range of vehicles.



GanCan – adapter to read logistic information from the vehicle’s computer, such as: mileage, fuel level, engine speed and temperature, and the like

GanCan Security – adapter for reading car alarm. For use in vehicles, where there is a factory alarm. Thanks to it, the car owner shall receive information about the active alarm in the vehicle, which then can be read in the GanFleet application.

GanFleet Protector – it is a silicone – rubber cover for the GanFleet devices, aimed at increasing protection against dust and water. The cover provides the fitter with greater flexibility, as the unit can be installed not only in the cabin or the trunk, but also in other places in the vehicle. It is available in conjunction with embedded cable in order to provide reliable protection.

GanFleet Protector II – solid plastic housing for the units of GanFleet, which protects the device against water and dust, while the outer foam also protects against vibration and shock.

GanFleet Connector OBD II – a 2 core cable – it is a cable connecting the GanFleet unit with a standard OBD II connector in the vehicle, providing the power and ground connection.

GanFleet Connector – a 2-core cable with a mini fuse – the cable provides only the power and ground connection, enabling independent and easy installations. The power cable is connected to the mini fuse in the cab, which allows for quick and easy installation.

GanFleet Connector – a 2-core cable with a fuse – the cable provides only the power and ground connection, enabling independent and easy installations. The power cable is connected       to a standard size fuse in the cab, which allows for quick and easy installation.

Cap cover – is to protect the cap’s locking mechanism against dirt and thus extend its life.

Float seal – allows the float – nozzle to be protected against loosening and fuel theft. Properly installed prevents theft by the ‘droplet’ method, by disconnecting the hose of the return fuel system. The seal is mounted on the eight tight rivets with the possibility of sealing.

The probe cover is used to protect the probe from mechanical damage. It is made of a stainless steel plate and mounted to a fuel tank with four screws with the possibility of sealing.