GanFleetS - Gannet Guard

GanFleetS – it is an innovative device to locate and manage both movable and immovable property. The device is equipped with a durable long – life battery (even up to 3 years), so it does not require any connection to a power source. It allows continuous tracking and monitoring of valuable resources, like for instance: containers, trailers, heavy equipment, trains, boats, ATMs or even travel luggage.

Main advantages:

  •    it has its own battery,
  •    reliable object location,
  •    low operating costs,
  •    multifunctionality,
  •    low battery consumption,
  •    quick and easy installation,
  •    housing IP67, resistant to dust and harsh weather conditions.

The family of GanFleetS devices

GanFleetS Power – the device has an internal battery charger making it possible to charge the battery, which prolongs its lifetime and allows transferring data more frequently than it is possible using traditional GanFleetS equipment. It can be used where a permanent installation is required, e.g. for the location of a trailer, where the power is available when connected to a car.

GanFleetS Lighter – the device has a cable ended with a plug for easy connection of the device to the cigarette lighter socket in the car. It is used in vehicles that require easy installation, e.g. at car rentals.

The GanFleetS, GanFleetS Power and GanFleetS Lighter devices – exist in the version with a smaller battery running maximally up to 6 months.


GanFleetS Lighter – the device has a cable ended with a plug for easy connection of the device to the cigarette lighter socket in the vehicle. It is used in vehicles that require easy installation, e.g. at car rentals

GanFleetS Container Lock – designed to ensure smooth tracking and monitoring of containers. GanFleet Container Lock is attached to the door of the container, so it is possible to accurately determine the current position of goods, and especially to find out if someone tries to open the door of the container.

Features of the devices:

  •    durability and lifetime (up to 3 years without charging),
  •    independent tracking device – can be installed without a power source,
  •    highly durable housing with the degree of protection IP67, weather-proof, houses all components of the module,
  •    programmable switch (ON/OFF/Test/Panic), the possibility of recharging and communication, tamper switch to detect tampering and two monitoring diodes
  •    easy installation, built – in holes for the clamps and the possibility to connect magnetic housing
  •    quick and easy disassembly
  • minimum operation


GanFleetS products are used in the field of security, logistics, transport and distribution, in investigations conducted by the police and special services, in the chain of supplies etc. Among the best applications in the field of asset tracking, the following can be distinguished:


The units can easily be installed in all kinds of containers, e.g. in the containers for sea transport or cargos

Heavy equipment

Although it is not easy to move heavy equipment, construction machinery, machinery for demolition and large generators are still vulnerable to theft. They can be easily fitted with the GanFleetS devices, which will allow for quick tracking down of the stolen equipment.


GanFleetS products improve logistic management by determining the location of trailers. Using the GanFleetPower and GanFleetS units enables automatic loading when the trailer is connected to the vehicle.


The products of GanFleetS can be easily used to locate resources. The devices are used by major airlines in Central Europe to determine the location of spare parts and other resources that are stored in warehouses at major international airports

ATMs and vending machines

GanFleetS devices can be attached to ATMs vending machines to determine their position in case of theft. Moreover, GanFleetS can even provide data on the level of stock in this type of machines.


GanFleetS allows monitoring and tracking of the boats

Rental and vehicle leasing

GanFleetS device can be easily placed in all vehicles because of its small size and can be hidden almost anywhere in the car. It makes it possible to determine precise location of the vehicle, thus saving time for the location of vehicles for collection and return


Tracking properties of the devices from the GanFleetS family can be used to record the flight routes of small aircrafts, helicopters and the like flying objects moving at low altitudes