GanTrack - Gannet Guard



GanTrack it is a radio based system for the location of stolen vehicles, which allows for quick recovery of stolen property. The unit bases its operation on radio frequencies bands that even jammers cannot overcome. Unlike standard locating tools like GPS/GSM, the GanTrack module does not lose coverage in the underground garages or steel containers.

At the time of installation the device goes into the so – called ‘sleep mode’ and is activated by the GGS units only after the notification of theft . This action prevents a thief to find the place where the module is installed in the vehicle and does not arouse suspicion.

Another advantage is its own independent power supply. The battery runs for 36 months. The module does not intervene in the factory electrical system of the vehicle so disconnection of the battery is of no benefit. In addition to it, we do not have to worry about losing manufacturer’s warranty.


  • the only one on the market not connected to the power supply
  • easy installation
  • the possibility to reinstall to a new vehicle
  • undetectable by the scanners of GPS/GSM bands
  • resistant to jamming by GPS/GSM jammers
  • works in many industries
  • entitles to discounts in Insurance Companies