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Anna Koryczan
28 April 2017
Speeding up report – costs optimization and improved safety

Drivers who use a company car on a daily basis are known for the fact that they are driving fast. How to improve employees’ safety while minimising fleet maintenance costs? Using the latest tools able to monitor over speeding.

According to police reports and traffic safety experts, the most common causes of accidents are recklessness and overestimation of one’s own skills, including speed mismatches to road conditions and failure to comply with speed limits. Research conducted by the Institute of Motor Vehicles shows that almost 60 per cent of motorists in Poland exceed the limits allowed in this respect.

It is not known what percentage of people with „heavy legs” are business drivers, but the common belief that a white car speeding along in the left lane surely belongs to a sales representative did not come out of nowhere.  High speed, dynamic (sometimes exaggerated) driving, intense gear changes and rapid braking can dramatically shorten the life of vehicle components, which results in an owner of a fleet being forced to pay  higher vehicle maintenance costs. Not to mention the costs related to car damages due to collisions or accidents that stop a car from running for shorter or longer periods of time.

Effective tools for monitoring the driving style of drivers are monitoring systems. The latest feature provided by Gannet Guard Systems in the Eurofleet application allows reporting of over speeding on the basis of telematics data collected during the use of a car. The application uses map data provided by Google.

Advantages of „Speed reports”

  • automatic detection of speed limits using Google maps
  • no need to define speed limits “rigidly” – it is possible to set the margin of over speeding
  • possibility to generate over speeding reports (general and detailed)
  • the general report allows you to compare all drivers and capture those who stand out from the rest
  • detailed report allows to show each individual overspeeding of a selected driver
  • breakdown of over speeding for motorways, built up areas and other roads

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