Technology. Mom, dad, where did your child go?

… “Psychologists note that the key to effective use of continuous monitoring is the transparent arrangment between a parent and a child.  The location system cannot act like an electronic leash. The basis is to develop clear rules – e.g. by using speeding alerts only. – The key is not to treat the monitoring system as a tool of oppression or a way to track every step of a child – Gannet Guard Systems expert points out. – The monitoring system is a great tool that facilitates quick reaction in a situation such as, for example, a threat. When a car breaks down or when a car accident occurs, a parent who knows the location of the vehicle will be able to react quickly to help their child – sums up Dariusz Kwakszys. “…

Source: https://www.motofakty.pl/artykul/technologia-mamo-tato-gdzie-pojechalo-wasze-dziecko.html