That is how thieves were stealing cars in 2016

‘…After a car is stolen…’

A stolen car is the most often transferred to a precisely chosen place, near the so called “hideout” or directly to it. It sometimes happens that thieves leave the car in a car park of a housing estate areas or in a place where other people can safely watch if anyone is interested in the vehicle. When they decide that enough time has passed and nobody paid attention to the car, it is passed on to the next link of a chain in a group dealing with the turnover of cars derived from crime.


If the vehicle it to be prepared for legalization for use in the country or for export abroad, it goes to a previously prepared, rented garage. It is left there for several days waiting for preparation of documents. Then, VIN numbers are changed to be consistent with the documents. Fences often interfere with the internal appearance of the vehicle, e.g. by typing it with foil in a different color. A lot more cars are, however dismantled, for parts because it is easier to sell them and the demand is large.

When the car gets to a hideout, it is dealt with by the so-called slobs, namely mechanics and tinsmiths who usually work in groups. All components of the disassembled vehicle go to specific collection points. These are car garages, tinsmith plants and exchanges. What they fail to sell is usually cut and taken away to a secluded place, i.e. to the forest.

Hideouts are organized in various places. They can be located in neighborhoods in large cities, the most often in one of the many adjacent garages. Such a place has nothing special for the untrained eye. Sometimes vehicles end up in the service rooms of workshop establishments involved in the repair of vehicles. Outside agglomerations, various utility rooms such as barns, garages and even pigsties serve as hideouts. There was also a hideout with three stolen vehicles hidden in old bunkers – says Dariusz Kwakszys from Gannet Guard Systems, involved in tracking and the recovery of vehicles. He recalls one of the actions, during which it turned out that on the property where a stolen vehicle was kept, there was a cultivation of marijuana … “Police that we cooperate with baked two birds with one stone – they returned the car to the owner and picked up the growers” – says Dariusz Kwakszys.

source: //flota.com.pl/aktualnosci/3122/tak_zlodzieje_kradli_samochody_w_2016_roku.html