The first Tesla in Poland secured

An electric car able to pass on a single charge more than 400 km, technological marvel on wheels, a real revolution in the automotive market .… Tesla is the object of desire of drivers, as well as the interest of thieves.

Until recently, 100 metres sprint in less than three seconds was reserved for cars powered by powerful petrol engines. Tesla turned the automotive world upside down by entering into sales a model, which accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 2,8 s, and is solely powered by electricity. As if that were not enough, its coverage is greater than 400 km. And all this for a very reasonable price.
No wonder that Tesla raises emotions. The owners of few units that are registered in our country have already been accustomed to the public interest, and even signs of jealousy from other drivers. Are they, however, prepared for the fact that also thieves will not pass indifferently by their vehicles? The solution may be to use an advanced monitoring system that allows for rapid location of a car if it’s stolen. The first Tesla has been already equipped with it.

‘ The loss of such a car would be a real blow to its owner. Not only is he deprived of the immense pleasure of driving it, but also the time of waiting for a new car take several months. From this perspective, radio location system that gives a vehicle owner almost one hundred percent guarantee of its recovery in case of theft or misappropriation is the perfect solution. We used it in one of Tesla’s driving on Polish roads. We have already secured many premium brand cars, including super sport vehicles, but extending the list of vehicles that use our solutions with Tesla gives us great satisfaction’ – says Marcin Kawka, Sales Manager at Gannet Guard Systems, dealing with tracking and the recovery of stolen objects.

GanTrack, distributed by Gannet Guard Systems, is the system of radio – based location of vehicles after theft, enabling quick recovery of a stolen property. It works on the basis of the frequencies, which even the best jammers of electromagnetic waves commonly used by thieves cannot overcome. Unlike the standard type locators such as GPS/GSM, the GanTrack module does not lose coverage in the underground garages or metal containers.

Source: centrumpr.pl