Theft of cars in Poland according to police officers

“Experts repeat ad nauseam: the more untypical the protection, the greater the chance for peace of mind. And it’s not just about the ingenious locking of a gearbox or plain pedal locking. Note the creative ignition switches (to start the engine, for example, you need to make a suitable combination of buttons) and modules connected to the CAN bus (for example to block communication through the diagnostic socket).

Among the necessary electronic additions, monitoring is also indicated. Dariusz Kwakszys from Gannet Guard explains – “Monitoring, especially the radio – based one is worth considering. The thing is that the system based on dedicated radio frequency, not on GPS / GSM signals, is resistant to the jammers commonly used by thieves. In addition, it makes it possible to determine the position of a stolen car even if it is hidden in an underground garage or container. ”

Tuned cars are also less popular among thieves, as it makes them better distinguishable from the rest. Not to mention another issue: prices of spare parts for cars popular on the market. The interest in stolen parts will continue as long as the prices of new components are high (at low supply of replacements) and sometimes even lifted to an absurd level (for a set of 4 injectors for diesel up to several thousand zlotys)

Source: http://moto.onet.pl/aktualnosci/kradzieze-samochodow-w-polsce-wg-policjantow/ehjwng