Thieves love the following cars

Are you an owner of Volkswagen Golf, Audi A4 or Volkswagen Passat? You will not be happy to hear that these are the most frequently stolen cars in Poland.

As it follows from the data of the General Headquarters of Police, in 2014 Volkswagens (1745 stolen pieces) and Audi (1457 pieces) enjoyed the greatest interest among thieves. Cars of these producers are unbeatably favourite prey of the amateurs of others’ property. Third place went to Toyota with the score of 625 pieces, ahead of Ford (395 cars) and Honda (387 cars).

Top five cars models favoured by thieves in 2014 are the vehicles of German brands. The first place went to Volkswagen Golf (817 pieces). The second position was taken by Audi A4 (660 cars), and the third one by Volkswagen Passat (541 pieces). Audi A6 (385 pieces) and Audi A3 (280 pieces) were off the podium.

We can observe some regionalization of thieves’ interest. In Warsaw, a strong favourite of criminals are Japanese cars. Last year, Corolla (161 pieces) was the most frequently stolen model, and right behind was Yaris (143 pieces), ahead of Honda Civic (130 pieces).  Volkswagen Passat was only at the 10th place (54 cars), first car in the list not having Japanese ancestry. On the other hand, in the Warmia and Mazury nine places from the top ten belonged to German cars – comments on Dominika Włodarczyk from Gannet Guard Systems dealing with tracking and retrieving stolen objects.

Metropolitan Police reported the greatest number of stolen passenger cars – on its territory thieves stole 2894 vehicles. The Silesian province, where in 2014 1907 cases of car thefts were reported, follows Warsaw and its surroundings. The statistics of Wielkopolska do not look too good, where 1664 cars were stolen. For comparison, Podkarpackie turned out to be the safest province, where only 126 cases of stolen passenger cars were reported. Residents of Świętokrzyskie province also can feel safe, because only 146 vehicles were stolen in that area.  Another province, where car thefts do not happen too often is Podlaskie with the score of 155 lost cars.

‘The good news is that in comparison with previous years, the number of stolen vehicles reduces. In 2004, on average 140 crimes were committed per day, whereas in 2014 – 39. According to me, we owe this result to the development of positioning systems. In the past, thieves had greater freedom of action, now using radio location system every car can be found, and jammers used by the ‘break-in’ specialists do not hinder in any way the action of tracking stolen vehicles” – explains Dominika Włodarczyk.

Source: //www.warszawa.pl