To trust means to control

„Skilful management of employees is the key to success”. Slogan, which successfully would perform during the 1st May parade, maybe it is funny but true, of which construction companies are well aware.
Don’t they delay works? How diligently and conscientiously do they carry out their tasks? How do they handle equipment entrusted them? Don’t they expose their employer to losses? Every developer and every boss in the construction company must answer these questions pertaining to their employees. Trust is of course the basis, but on the other hand, “to trust means to control”. In this case, modern solutions come to the aid. One of them is the fleet management system. Although at first it associates with services including passenger cars, it has a much wider application.

From the point of view of managers of construction companies and developers, important is among others the ability to report the working time of machines taking into account the effective work, i.e., when an excavator, concrete mixer or bulldozer were indeed working, and were not just standing  with the engine running. Equally important is to control the amount of fuel consumed and to receive alerts on a sudden drop of its level associated for instance with theft.

Noteworthy is also the possibility of fixing any zones and receiving alerts that machine left the zone, eliminating the use of construction equipment ‘on the side’ by dishonest employees – says Dominika Włodarczyk from Gannet Guard Systems, offering GanTotal system.

One of the most important functions of the system is the ability to find the equipment covered by it in case of theft. Loss of construction machinery it is a problem associated not only with time-consuming and usually complicated compensation process. Its „disappearance” additionally translates into gumming up the works, which generates further losses and poses a risk of penalties arising from failure to meet deadlines. The solution is to invest into solutions that will allow tracking the equipment and – what police officers from the departments to combat car crimes emphasize – the best is to locate using radio waves, rather than just satellite systems and GSM.

„With this solution we reduce the possibility of signal interference with the use of electromagnetic waves jammers that are commonly used by thieves. And the accuracy of tracking is only a few centimetres, which reduces the possibility of error” – explains Dominika Włodarczyk.

Source: //budnews.tv/