We will find your car

In 2013, nearly 15,5 thousand cars were stolen in Poland. Less than a quarter of the vehicles were recovered. It means that 12 thousand drivers  did not see their cars anymore. Such unpleasant situations can be avoided by using the GanTrack system offered by Gannet Guard Systems.

GanTrack to is the most effective after theft vehicle radio location system allowing for quick recovery of stolen property. GanTrack operates in frequency bands that cannot be disrupted even by the best jammers of electromagnetic waves used by thieves. In contrast to the standard locators like GPS/GSM, the GanTrack module does not loss coverage in underground garages or in steel containers.

At the time of installation, the device goes into the sleep mode and is activated only after the theft notification. This action prevents the thief to find the place where the module is installed in the vehicle and does not arouse suspicion. Another advantage is its own independent power supply – the battery – depending on  the chosen option operates for 12 or 36 months. The module does not intervene in the factory electrical system of the vehicle, so it do not stop working after disconnecting the battery. You also do not need to worry about losing manufacturer’s warranty.

Car recovery procedure is simple. The user should immediately notify law enforcement agencies and the alarm central of Gannet Guard Systems of the theft. After checking the notification, the action of tracking begins. The module shall be remotely activated, which enables to locate the stolen vehicle. Both ground and air units (special aircraft), which are fitted with devices capturing the signal transmitted by the module are used for tracking. The most often, stolen vehicle is located within 24 hours of receipt of the notification.

– „Every car can be stolen. The thing is to find it – says Teresa Kabat, a proxy in Gannet Guard Systems. „The effectiveness of GanTrack system is over 90%, which means that we are able to locate and recover almost every stolen car. We do this with an accuracy of up to 3 centimeters, so there is no mistake, if e.g.  the vehicle was hidden in a line of garages standing next to each other.  It is worth noting that we are cooperating with the police, which ensures the legality of actions’ – adds Teresa Kabat

The high effectiveness of the system, confirmed by the certificates of the Kielce University of Technology and the Automotive Industry Institute (PIMOT is recognized by insurance companies. Owners of cars equipped with the solution of Gannet Guard are offered discounts on motor hull insurance, which is an advantage in favor of equipping the vehicle with GanTrack.

Source: www.4trucks.pl