What time do they usually steal cars?

What time do cars are stolen the most often? According to statistics, thieves often steal while the owners are sleeping, i.e. around 3:00 o’clock a.m.

How do thieves prepare for a car theft ?
Thieves prepare themselves for a car theft even a few weeks, watching their victims, analysing their lifestyle. Third parties may be their source of information – employees of renovation companies, fitters and other specialists – and even the residents themselves. Consciously or unconsciously do they provide criminals with information about protections, alarms and valuable items that the householders have, and also with information about when potential burglary victims return from work or school, where they have their bedrooms or what time they usually go to bed.

After getting knowledge about the observed family, thieves move to action. They rob houses mostly between 2 and 5 a.m., because sleep is then the strongest. Thieves break into houses usually after breaking down the window or drilling doors and balcony windows. The described method is the most risky, but the most profitable. Car thieves usually choose those families, which have expensive cars. Their goal is to steal a car with the keys and documents.

The method of stealing from those who are sleeping is popular among the so-called ‘thieving elite’. In addition to the fact that thieves perform a detailed analysis of the property, they are also equipped with benefits of new technologies: electronic devices used for non-factory starting up of vehicles, jammers of GPS/GSM signals, scanners used for listening police frequencies: ‘ Thieves know that location services are becoming increasingly popular and are trying to eliminate the risk of being tracked through them. That is, among others, why they use the jammers of GPS/GSM signals, on which the majority of monitoring systems is based” – says Mirosław Marianowski, security manager at Gannet Guard Systems.
How to recover stolen car?

Is it, therefore, possible to guard against theft? Chances are miserable, but you can take care of your safety and minimize the risk of loss of property. Nowadays, anti-theft systems are insufficient protection. The use of advanced solutions based on radio technology is worth considering. Such solutions are the most effective, even according to specialists from the police units involved in the fight against vehicle crime. „I remember a case when as a result of the method of stealing from the sleeping owners, two cars of premium class left the premises. The one installed with the GanTrack system was quickly located and returned to the owner” – says Mirosław Marianowski.

Cars equipped with the radio system are tracked with the accuracy of up to a few centimetres and recovered. Those without any protection represent easy prey for thieves and mostly they are either cut into parts (as a result they vanish without trace), or they go behind the eastern border.

Source: //mojafirma.infor.pl