You can pay less for car insurance

You can pay less for car insurance. Discounts on motor policies can be obtained not only by installing additional anti – theft security in a car. Insurers applying discounts take into account also solutions allowing for the recovery of stolen vehicles.

When calculating motor insurance rates, insurance companies take even tens of factors into account. They are related to both the driver (age, gender, driving experience, the longest service time of one car) and the vehicle (brand/model, capacity and engine power, year of production, parking space etc.).

In the case of car and motor hull insurance, the number and type of the used anti-theft securities is important among other things – the more of them and the more advanced, the greater the chance of getting a discount. Insurers take into account not only the solutions to prevent thieves from getting into the vehicle and driving off, but also the solutions to track the car after the theft and recover it. In this way, they restrict the payment of compensation.

We work with insurance companies, which grant discounts on motor hull insurance of up to several percent to customers  installing GanTrack or GanTotal monitoring systems” – says Dominika Włodarczyk from the company Gannet Guard Systems dealing with tracking and finding stolen objects. This solution is attractive from the point of view of both the vehicle owner, who pays lower premium, and the insurer, because thanks to the application of radiolocation you can quickly recover stolen property 95 percent of stolen cars is found within 24 hours – explains Dominika Włodarczyk.

Moreover, it is not without significance to the user that GanTrack remains in the so – called ‘sleep mode’ and is activated after a reporting the theft. On the one hand, it prevents the thief to find the place where the module is installed in a vehicle and on the other hand, it gives the owner of the car complete discretion, because his position is not being monitored at any time.

Source: www.bankier.pl