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  • Renault Megane je našel
    Odnaleziony w 2 h 0 min
    Skradziony: 08 XI 2017, godz. 12:30 w okolicach Warki
    Odnaleziony: 08 XI 2017, godz. 14:30 w Warszawie

    Renault Megane je našel

    On November 8th, in the afternoon, Gannet Guard Systems received a report on the misappropriation of Renault Megane. The car was found in Warsaw in one of the underground garages.  It was tracked down in less than two hours, thanks to the use of the GanTrack system. The coordinates of the place where the car was parked were handed over to the police, and the police returned the car to the rightful owner.

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