GanFleetF - Gannet Guard

GanFleetF it is a modern fleet management supporting unit, thanks to which the following is possible: object location, driver’s identification, fuel costs optimization and access to a number of extended reports, depending on the selected additives. The combination of GSM GPRS communication with GPS technology ensures reliable and seamless flow of information from the device to the Client.

The device makes the following possible for the user:

  • on-going monitoring of the object,
  • reducing vehicle operating costs,
  • fuel theft detection ,
  • increase the safety of drivers,
  • planning the routes of journeys and recording them,
  • designation of the areas of vehicles operation – geozones defining
  • driver identification (in the case of multiple users per vehicle),
  • getting extended reports of: movement, speed, stopovers, unauthorized use of a vehicle, time of operation on idling, drivers working time, vehicles operation time, refuelling, visits to defined zones, operating costs, information signals, current status of vehicles, movement.

Main advantages:

  •    reliable objects location 24h/7 days,
  •    low costs,
  •    small size of the device,
  •    multifunctionality,
  •    low power consumption,
  •    quick and easy installation,
  •    the ability to integrate with other applications and devices,
  •    meets the requirements of insurance companies

The device is best suited for large fleets, transport, courier and construction companies, agricultural machines.